Broadcast Suite Core uses the CodeMeter licensing system from WIBU Systems. This requires an installed CodeMeter Runtime on the Broadcast Suite Server, which is installed automatically.

The licensing itself is based on the configured triggers and actions:

Version Trigger Limit Action Limit
Small 8 8
Medium 64 64
Large 512 512

If no license is available, the system falls back to the Small version and does only initialize the first 8 triggers. Triggers of the type "Licensing" are always initialized.


Some triggers and actions are only available as addon:

Name Supported Versions Description
RDS S / M / L Remote Control of RDS Encoders via UECP
Select-a-Line S / M / L Integrated Audiocodec- and Lawo Routing Control
API Access M Full API Access for Medium license (included in L)
Additional Panels M / L Pack of 4 Panels (Web oder Skaarhoj)
KVM Control M / L License to control one IHSE or G&D KVM Matrix

USB Dongle